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A complete smart school management system solution.

Transform the way you learn, communicate, work and play. Packed with a mobile application for admin, parents, teachers and students. Compactable for android and ios
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Alphabetspro is an online custom made smart school management solution designed to easily handle all school management work. Motive of this product is to make your school smart and transform its management/communication approach to all who are related to the schools. .
The system handles various modules like Teacher and staff record management, Reception Management, Admission Management, Pay roll management, Student management, Registration management, Admin management (students and teachers), Attendance, Exams management, Tuition fee management, Account management, Transport management, SMS, Course management, Library system, Hostel management

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Mobile App for Parents

SchoolApp By Alphabetspro - Moblie App is fully packed with complete features. A mobile app has undeniable become a very huge piece of school communications tool. Accessing the school information and work through the mobile is just as important to parents, as it is to staff, students and the school admin, in other to stay connected on the go, for easier access to receiving of information and dispatching of communication.

Online Portals

Teachers, Parent and Student Portal is designed to provide the key features which includes information like Grades, Assignments Uploads and Download, Attendance, Performance, Class Schedule and Offered Courses, Announcement and Compliances. This portal pages helps both Teachers, Student and Parents to be up to date on day to day activities.

Portal Customization/ Free Website design

The portal will be customized to suit every customer’s needs and will have the following features and modules:

Teacher and staff record management
Reception Management
Admission Management
Payroll Management
Student management
Student registration management
Admin management (student and teachers)
Exams management
School Fee management
Account management
Transport management
Course management
Control panel
Hotsel management
Account management

As we understand that no schools has the same needs or runs exactly the same system

Transform the way you learn, communicate, work and play.

Become a smart school, manage your school from anywhere, Run a paperless environment and greatly reduce your need for huge servers and IT department. Transform the way you learn, communicate, work and play.

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